software solutions for small business

solution crafters group provides services and products designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses.  from package applications to custom development and internet solutions we have the expertise to help your business get the most of your technology investment.


  • software integration
  • custom software development
  • contract resources
  • technology and software purchase research and consulting
  • website design, programming, and database integration


we have serviced a variety of industries including carpentry, retail, advertising, real estate, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, countertops and flooring, local government, banking, general contracting, and many more.



our mission is to become the link between companies that struggle with technology solutions and the technology solution that is right for them.

this company was founded in 1999 under the premise that technology solutions are not just for the companies that can afford a large information technology staff.  there are many industries that in the past have avoided technology solutions for their business because they do not understand computers and do not have time or money to invest in them.

the founder of solution crafters group worked in the field information technology for 15 years prior to its formation. for the nine years prior to the formation of scg our founder worked for an international consulting firm based in chicago, illinois.

at solution crafters group we help companies find the right mix of technology to make their business grow without the hassle of understanding technology or hiring and training staff.  we support your business goals by developing an understanding of your business before we recommend solutions.

we have experience in many of the industries that in the past have been deficient in technology solutions.  we have customers in the areas of retail, construction, real estate, sales, landscaping, and many other industries.

our staff has experience in consulting and software development.  we strive to provide the right solution for your business and nothing more.  we handle projects of all sizes and through a network of business partners can provide the solutions to your business problems no matter what they might be.

we expect to develop a partnership with our customers through which they will prosper.  our customers appreciate the concern we have for their success and understand the pride we take in seeing them reach their business goals.

at solution crafters group, we are striving to find solutions to the difficult problems faced by small businesses everywhere whether they are technology problems or business issues.  we then enhance those solutions and pass them on to all our clients in the hope that by passing on this knowledge will we make all our clients businesses stronger.  we truly believe that by strengthening our clients business we strengthen our own business.

solution crafters group products


bid manager

create, track status, and keep history of bids accepted and rejected and track accuracy of accepted bid once jobs are completed.

job manager

create jobs from scratch or from bids. track material and service costs, margin and profit, and historical trends.

supply manager

create and track purchase orders for products. pass costs of materials on to jobs. update preferred vendors, and select vendors with best price. track inventory of commonly used products.

retail manager

invoice customers for jobs or walk in business. track customer payments. create sales and tax reports.

solution crafters group services


software integration

we can make your software applications share information and work together.  whether you need to transfer new customers from your bidding system to your accounting software or simply need some additional reports, we can help your applications work together or extend the capabilities of your existing software.  

custom software development

we can develop a custom solution, specific to your business requirements and user preferences.  if your business is unique or you just need to get information to give you an advantage over your competition, we can create software applications to help your business succeed.  our applications are built from a library of tested and proven business components to ensure that they can be built quickly and will be easy to learn and use.  

contract resources

if you need additional programmers, designers, or project managers to complete your project on time and within budget, we have seasoned  resources to assist you on site or remotely.  our resources have successful project experience and proven skill sets to ensure you get what you pay for.  

technology and software purchase consulting

if you are looking to purchase new computers and printers or new software for your business and want to make a decision that will stand the test of time, we can help you meet your business and budget goals. 

website design, programming, and database integration

website design, programming, and database integration - if you want a new website or to upgrade and existing website, want to have a greater interaction with your website visitors, or want to integrate your existing information into your website, we would like the opportunity to assist you.  we have the experience required to help your business succeed on the internet.  

solution crafters group product & hardware support

we will attempt to solve any technology issue you have.  many times this can be done in a few minutes via email.  our support rates are $40/hr for products not under our support plans.  if you have a technology issue or question contact us for help via email and we will find you a solution.  we are familiar with most types of computers and technology and have a vast network of consultants and experiences to draw on.

the site survey is for clients and potential clients as a tool to provide us with a better description of their technology. we use this information internally to advise our clients and support their issues. this information is never used externally for any reason.

contact information

mailing address:

solution crafters group, inc.

6886 shady lane

eagle river, wi  54521




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